theater- and opera package

Castle estate offers in cooperation with some of Vadstena cultural players different experiences with accommodation and performances in amazing package.

Pub Show at Vadstena New Theatre

Theatre Package with theater ticket, food and accommodation to the theater in the castle courtyard including breakfast.
In addition, we invite our guests free entrance to our popular Toy- and Camera Museum of Photography exhibition!
Ring 0143-292 75 or e-mail for more information and bookings!


Teaterpaket – Shakespeare

Shakespeare on the grass farm (ShpG) has over the years developed into a recognized national forum for Shakespeare's play. since summer 1996 Shakespeare has been in Vadstena, an initiative taken by the artistic director Pontus Plaenge. The desire is to by simple means, purity and no-frills reinterpret Shakespeare. ShpG rent now the old feed mill at the Ullevi stadium just south of the city and in the local theater has all of its activities. Building on the old factory milieu want the team to create a visual adventure, where the Swedish industrialism history from just now meets Shakespeare's four-century-old universe.

“Winter's Tale”

A Romantic Imagination about time, about mistakes that can never be undone because man can not restore the speed or reverse its time. If instead try to forgive the unforgivable, be reconciled, give mercy and grace.

The show “Winter's Tale” moved until the summer 2021 due to prevailing circumstances surrounding Corona Covid-19.
Welcome to book theater packages in the spring 2021!


Opera package - Vadstena Academy

Foundation International Vadstena Academy is an academy for young singers and musicians and other professionals in the opera. The artistic basic idea is to always play newly written operas or older, newly discovered works that have never been recorded in modern times.

“The zebra”

Photo: Martin Hellström

An opera by Tebogo Monnakgotla and Kerstin Perski. I the center of the opera is the love between two men; Edward and John both had to flee his country p.g.a. sexual orientation. How did that happen when two people who just would rather die than live without one another in a country that forbade their love, now they could finally live in freedom, feels like two strangers to each other? Is the zebra white with black stripes or vice versa?

The summer premiere of Zebran is being moved until the summer 2021 due to prevailing circumstances surrounding Corona Covid-19.
Welcome to book opera packages in the spring 2021!